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Mean Girls Icontest

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Challenge Three: Update [16 May 2005|11:06am]


Ok, as you may or may not have noticed in the previous post Challenge Three hase been EXTENDED due to a lack of entries,for a new community we've been doing really well on the number of entries so ppppllleeeeaaaasseeeeeeeee get a few more entries in by Saturday @ 12am (midnight Friday)

ENTER HERE (Don't post Entries in reply to this post)

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Challenge Two: Winners/Banners [14 May 2005|05:35pm]


Ok, thanks for all the votes, here are the winners......

 1st Place:  by </a></a>waka_laka





BannersCollapse )

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Banners: [09 May 2005|08:26pm]


Here are the banners for the winners of challenge one;


let me know when you've got your banner, THANKS :D

*Don't forget Challenge Three and voting for Challenge Two - BELOW*

BannersCollapse )

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Challenge Three: [09 May 2005|08:14pm]


Ok, as everything is going so smoothly (so far *eeep*) i feel confident about this challenge, so here goes......

- Theme = lyric challenge

- This week your icon MUST contain text, i have provided the lyrics for "Katy Rose - Overdrive" (the song from the film!!) under the cut. You MUST use atleast THREE of the lyrics on your icons.

- This week you may use any "Mean Girls" image you like, aslong as it is appropriate to the lyrics you use on your icon.

- You can animate etc this week, BUT your icon CANNOT be textless (d'uh!!)

- Please post your icon and its URL in reply to THIS post.

- All entries will be screened

- 2 icons maximum per member

- Deadline = Saturday 14th May @ 12am (i.e. midnight friday)

- p.s don't forget to vote for the winners of challenge two below!!!

LyricsCollapse )

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Challenge Two: Voting [09 May 2005|07:39pm]


Ok, sorry for the late posting of the voting. But here you go. THANKS for all the entries, i'm soooooo impressed by the no. of entries and only on the 2nd Challenge :D!!!!

- Vote for your three fave icons in any order

- Don't vote for yourself etc

EntriesCollapse )

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Challenge Two: [03 May 2005|05:31pm]


Ok, WELCOME to the second community challenge, this week's challenge is as follows....

- Theme = The Plastics

- For this challenge you may use any image you want, but it must contain ALL THREE of "the plastics" (i.e. Regina, Gretchen and Karen), your icon can contain other characters aswell, such as Cady etc. BUT remember it MUST contain all of the Plastics!!!

- You may animate, add text, use brushes etc for this challenge

- Post all icons and there URLs in reply to THIS post

- All comments will be screened

2 icons maximum per member

- Check the RULES before entering

- Deadline = Saturday 7th May @ 12am (i.e. midnight friday)

- ENJOY!!!!!

P.s. Pimpage of this community would be muchly appriciated!!! :D

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Challenge One: Winners [03 May 2005|05:25pm]


Okay, thank you for all the votes, and quite simply here are this weeks winners;

 1st Place:  by </a></a>haliaka

2nd Place:  by </a></a>emmycrum




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Challenge One: voting [30 Apr 2005|04:12pm]


Wow, considering this is the communities very first challenge there have more entries than i had expected, so first thing first THANK YOU to everyone who entered, and keep pimpin' this community weneva you can, :D

Onto rules for voting.......

- Vote for the THREE icons you like the most (or think are the most "fetch") in ANY order,

i.e. 1/5/13 or 13/5/1 (remember order doesn't matter)

- Don't vote for yourself (d'uh) these votes will not count

- Don't vote anonomously, these votes will not be counted

- Check the RULES before voting!!

- All voting will be screened

- Voting ends on Monday at 4pm

Entries under the cutCollapse )

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Challenge One: [19 Apr 2005|04:46pm]


Ok, we've got about 16 members now so i'll put up the first challenge *dun dun dun*, hopefully you are all aware of the way an icontest community works, if not check the RULES and i'm sure you'll pick it up as we go along!!! Because there are not that many members i would ask that 1. if you can enter PLLEEEAAASSEEEEE enter and 2. abit of community pimping never does anybody any harm *wink*wink*nudge*nudge*!!! anyway................

- This week's theme is..........Favourite "mean girls" quotes

- You may use any image you want for this challenge, but it must be of/from "Mean Girls", so please no actor pictures, fanart etc. Please make sure the image you use fits with the quote you choose.

- Your icon this week MUST contain text, i.e. one of your favourite quotes from the film (such as "This one time she punched me in the face" a classic hahaha!!)

- You can use brushes/animate etc this week, but remember it cannot be textless!!!

- Each member can make upto 2 icons per challenge

- Please post your entry(s) and its URL in reply to THIS post.

- All comments will be screened

- Ask any question in a seperate post from your icon(s) so i can reply

- Check the RULES before entering

- Deadline = Saturday 30th April @ 12am (i.e. midnight on friday), i'm giving 2 weeks(ish) for this challenge to give time for new memers to enter etc!!!

- Enjoy!!!

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Welcome..... [16 Apr 2005|11:02pm]


Welcome to mean_challenge an icon contest community based around hit teen film Mean Girls..................challenges will start when members start coming in, so until then RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT!!!!!

p.s i'm the mod i_got_jimmies, feel free to ask any questions!!</span>


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