i_got_jimmies (i_got_jimmies) wrote in mean_challenge,

Challenge One:

Ok, we've got about 16 members now so i'll put up the first challenge *dun dun dun*, hopefully you are all aware of the way an icontest community works, if not check the RULES and i'm sure you'll pick it up as we go along!!! Because there are not that many members i would ask that 1. if you can enter PLLEEEAAASSEEEEE enter and 2. abit of community pimping never does anybody any harm *wink*wink*nudge*nudge*!!! anyway................

- This week's theme is..........Favourite "mean girls" quotes

- You may use any image you want for this challenge, but it must be of/from "Mean Girls", so please no actor pictures, fanart etc. Please make sure the image you use fits with the quote you choose.

- Your icon this week MUST contain text, i.e. one of your favourite quotes from the film (such as "This one time she punched me in the face" a classic hahaha!!)

- You can use brushes/animate etc this week, but remember it cannot be textless!!!

- Each member can make upto 2 icons per challenge

- Please post your entry(s) and its URL in reply to THIS post.

- All comments will be screened

- Ask any question in a seperate post from your icon(s) so i can reply

- Check the RULES before entering

- Deadline = Saturday 30th April @ 12am (i.e. midnight on friday), i'm giving 2 weeks(ish) for this challenge to give time for new memers to enter etc!!!

- Enjoy!!!

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